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Birthday Flowers

Birthday Flowers
I do not know the true original source of this information. I found this handwritten in my grandmother's journal and found it too charming not to share.  Enjoy!
January Carnation
  Striped - do not refuse me
  Pink - sweetness
  Purple - capriciousness
  Red - admiration
  White - innocence
Yellow - disdain
February Violet
  Blue - faithfulness
  Yellow - rural happiness
  Sweet - modesty
Flame - watchfulness
Jonquil - I desire a return of affection
Sweet Pea - delicate pleasures, departure
Lily of the Valley - sweetness, humility
June Rose
  Single bloom - simplicity
  Bud - youth and beauty
  Full bloom - I love you
  Full bloom over 2 buds - secrecy
  Pink - perfect happiness
  Coral - pleasure
  Red - love, friendship, passion
  White - purity
Yellow - jealousy or regard
July Larkspur
  Pink - fickleness
Purple - haughtiness
Gladiolus - strength of character
Aster - daintiness
Calendula - wise and cheerful spirit
November Chrysanthamum - cheerfulness
  Red - I love you
  Yellow - slighted love
White - truth
December Poinsetta - strength and rejoicing OR
  Narcissus - egotism or if double - female ambition